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Everyone has their own opinion on the reasons for the rare defeat of an incumbent President that transpired last month, but I like to believe that a large part of it was a repudiation of the restrictive immigration policies of the past four years in favor of the fairer and more welcoming approach that has made America one of the most diverse and prosperous nations in the world. As we enter a new Presidential Administration, there will be a lot of changes in immigration law. Some of them are likely to occur early next year, such as the revocation of the visa restrictions on residents of several Muslim-majority countries and the revival and possible expansion of the DACA (“Dreamers”) program. Other changes may take longer, however, as it will likely take time to deconstruct the “Invisible Wall” of hostile immigration policies that has been built over the past four years. I will no longer be updating my Facebook page, as I hope to be able to update you on the most relevant changes as they occur on this news feed. I certainly hope that there will be plenty of good news in the coming months.

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