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The following statements represent some testimonials from Douglas Carman's former clients. (In the interest of confidentiality, names are not provided.)

My wife, who is a J-1 physician, was subject to the foreign residence requirement, and we decided to retain an expensive New York lawyer to help remove this requirement based on the hardship to our US citizen child. Our case was assigned to some associate at this law firm, and we were not very happy with our communication with this lawyer, but we went forward with the application anyway. To our great surprise and disappointment, we received a denial! We were very unhappy that we wasted money on this other law firm, but we really felt that we should have a good case, and we contacted Douglas for a consultation. He took over our case, charging much less than our previous lawyer, and prepared a detailed and well-argued case. We submitted this new application, and after a few months, we received a decision, and it was approved! This approval has made our family's life much easier and we could not have done it without Mr. Carman's expert help. - I.S. (India)

My wife and I are physicians from Palestine. We were both on J1 visa. I was referred by a friend to Douglas Carman's office. He filed my application for hardship waiver that was accepted in a timely manner. Then Mr. Carman filed the application for my national interest waiver, which also got accepted. Because we were very satisfied with his service we applied for another hardship waiver for my wife through his firm that was accepted as well. Currently my wife and I are both green card holders! We had an excellent experience with Mr Carman; he was very knowledgable and thorough. He was very efficient in preparing my application and promptly responded to all my questions. We are recommending him to all our friends. - A.G. (West Bank)

Last year, while I was a resident physician in J-1 status and circumstances in my country drastically worsened, Mr. Carman helped me get a waiver of the foreign residence requirement based on exceptional hardship to my U.S. citizen child so I could stay in the United States with my family. Soon after my hardship waiver approval, Mr. Carman prepared a national interest waiver immigration petition for me. He submitted such a well-organized, comprehensive application about my credentials as a cardiologist, that the case was approved in just over five months. I am now adjusting status and I am only a few months away from a green card! I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I would be going from resident physician status to green card holder in only about a year and a half. I found Mr. Carman to be extremely helpful during the entire process, providing immediate answers to my quesions even offering guidance to friends and family about their immigration issues. - A.H. (Syria)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you did for me and my family during the process of waiver application as well as applying for the green card. The effort and the attention to details you put in made the experience easier on us. The guidance provided was more than what we expected and made the entire process easy and pain free. I specially appreciate the personal assistance you provided by being in constant touch with the United States Embassy in Ottawa during my trip to Canada to get the Visa stamped. We were very disappointed by the initial response by the Embassy but your guidance and communication was more than a comfort for us. Being a physician with J1 visa, I was facing the possibility of having to go back to Pakistan, You not only helped me get the waiver approved but I am now waiting to apply for my citizenship soon. Again, thanks a million!! I would highly recommend you and your firm to anyone who is seeking waiver or applying for immigration. - N.A. (Pakistan)

I was a physician doing a fellowhip in pathology when Douglas assisted me with my EB1 and EB2 NIW I-140 applications. He was very knowledgeable about the standards for approval of these cases and he prepared personalized material for my application that resulted in an approval. Douglas always responded quickly to my questions and I appreciated his personal attention to my case. - H.K. (South Korea)

My search to find a suitable attorney to represent my wife’s case to waive the J-1 visa foreign residence requirements led me to Mr. Douglas Carman. He was highly recommended by three colleagues of mine, who were personally successfully represented by Mr. Carman for J-1 Hardship waiver applications. Before I contacted Mr. Carman, I was frustrated by either the lack of understanding of this subject by other lawyers, or by the lack of effective communication. Doug Carman’s speed of communication is amazing. I was on the phone with him, literally within a few hours of emailing him for the first time, and ever since he has not disappointed us. 100% of the time, he answered our questions, the same business day. He is knowledgeable of current geopolitical circumstances, and law and order situation prevailing in Pakistan and helped us build a very strong case. We belong to a minority sect in Pakistan, which is often a target of brutal/fatal violence in Pakistan. I was amazed, that he was very familiar with this intricate, often unrecognized sectarian issue of the region. We got precise directions from him to submit our case in a timely fashion. We could not have hoped for a better person to represent us. We are thankful to Mr. Carman for keeping our family unit ‘intact’ and ‘safe’. We recommend him without reservations. - M.H. (Pakistan)

I was referred to Mr. Carman by colleagues of mine when I needed to apply for a waiver of the foreign residence requirement due to the dangers that conditions in my home country posed to my family. He was extremely responsive, replying to my inquiries within hours and sometimes even within minutes, and I appreciated the personal attention he gave to my case. Unlike many other law firms where you only get to speak to paralegals, I was comforted by the fact that an experienced attorney was working on my case. Mr. Carman knew a great deal about the conditions in my country and he put together and submitted a winning hardship waiver case in a very short period of time. He is currently helping me with an NIW-EB2 application. With his guidance, I was able to quickly gather the necessary documents, and he drafted multiple strong letters in an extremely short period of time. He was knowledgable about my credentials as a physician and drafted letters that focused on my areas of specialization, so letters were not generic like other firms. We have recently submitted the application and I am confident that it will get approved. - M.H. - (Syria)

Dear Mr. Carman: You have assisted me with my hardship case and I can say that you were very knowlegable when it came to my application, and you had a good understing of the specifics of my case (country of origin-Syria, my children's health status...). I did like your timely response to my questions and concerns. The application was approved without the need for any further evidence. - J.D. (Syria)

Douglas was a pleasure to work with. Very prompt, sincere and professional. Replied to my emails and addressed my concerns during my successful permanent residency application. - T.Z. (India)

Mr. Carman helped me in the process of hardship application. I do think that Douglas has great experience the knowledge about the extreme hardship law and the application process. He did know more about the politics, health condition, social conditions ..etc about my country than what I do! - I.H. (Pakistan)

Mr. Carman did our Hardship waiver in 2010. He was well aware of the current situation in our country. We instantly liked him as he gave us so much time on the initial consultation phone call. He had excellent understanding of the process and guided us thru the whole process so smoothly. He was super prompt with his replies via emails. Also, he worked on our case quickly and submitted it so promptly and alsways keeping us in the loop. We had referred him to a few friends of ours who also had their hardship waiver done thru him with success. We highly recommend him as he is knowlegable, prompt and does things in a very timely manner. - Z.K. and S.M. (Pakistan)

Right from the beginning, he was knowledgeable about the waiver process and provided us with step by step instructions which made our job of putting the application together very easy. Also important was his superior knowledge in the situations in my home country which we believed would adversely affect my family in case we returned. With any question we had the luxury to call his office and he was readily available or email him and get a response within the hour literally. For instance, as we had applied late, my visa status was nearing expiration and we had a lot of questions which he patiently answered whenever we had called his office. He was meticulous about the documents we had submitted with my application and we haven’t received any major queries other than one update request. I believe that saved us a lot of time. We really appreciate his dedication to a successful outcome of our case. His knowledge and experience helped us get a positive decision at the right time. I have no reservations in recommending Mr. Douglas Carman, to anybody seeking a Hardship J1 waiver. - S.Y. (India)

Our waiver wouldn't have been possible without the help of Mr. Douglas Carman. Hardship waiver is the way to go and Mr. Carman is very good at doing these." - P.B. (India)

Mr Douglas Carman is an excellent immigration attorney. My wife and I got our hardship waiver approved via Mr Carman. He was very meticulous and responded to all my questions immediately. I have no hesitation to refer Mr Carman as an immigration attorney to those who may need his expert services. - T.A. and S.M. (Pakistan)

I was a physician on J-1 from Pakistan before Douglas Carman took my case. My wife is a US Citizen and we have a son who is 8 months now. I was discouraged from applying for hardship waiver by most physician friends and attorneys because having a US Citizen spouse makes a hardship waiver case difficult the USCIS can assert that the baby can live with the US Citizen mother while the father lives for 2 years in his home country. I was referred to Douglas Carman by few physician friends who had good experience with him. I was told that Douglas Carman is different than other lawyers in a way that he does all (most) of the work instead of leaving most of the work for the applicant to do. Finally I called him and decided to go ahead with application for hardship waiver in early march 2012 after my son was born. My experience with him was awesome. We communicated through email mostly throughout case proceedings and I never had to make phone calls, etc. He always responded to my emails quickly (with his response time ranging from a few minutes to a few hours at the most). He is extremely professional and efficient. I think having attorney like him is a blessing during difficult time of immigration application. My case was approved in 4 month and within 6 months of my hardship application I received my green card (I applied for adjustment of status through him too, based on my wife's US Citizenship). In summary: I would recommend him to anyone and I don't think someone can have better experience than what I have in this journey with the help of Douglas Carman. On the top of all this, his fee is very competitive and better than all other in market and the work he does is priceless :) - Dr. F. (Pakistan)

I am a physician from Pakistan on a J1 visa. One of my friends mentioned about Douglas Carman and his expertise in handling hardship waivers. I wanted to get rid of this waiver requirement for the sake of my child, so she would not have to go to Pakistan. Before going ahead with this, I gave it a good thought, talked to my friends and shopped around different attorneys. Most of the complaints/suggestions I got was that most attorneys don't have "enough time" for you and your questions, but people said that Douglas Carman is exceptional when it comes to putting the time in to personalize your case. All my friends mentioned that he is really very quick in his responses. I found him way better than what my friends told me. The way he walked us through our hardship waiver case was exceptional. His approach was very methodical and individualized unlike other attorneys who plug in your name in a generic affidavit. I admire the way he patiently handled our questions and concerns. He helped us at every stage of the application and the day when we heard the good news he was the first one to congratulate. I believe you will find many attorneys, but if you are looking for somebody who treats you as a true professional and responds to your questions in minutes, who is readily available to address your concerns and who really works hard on your case, then Douglas Carman is the way to go. Also, considering his efficiency and effective communication his fees are way less than most other attorneys charge. In short, he is the best in the business. - T.K. (Pakistan)

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent handling of my J1 Hardship case. I do appreciate the time Douglas spent in contacting various customer-service representatives to facilitate/expedite the process and trouble-shoot the complicated process of the case. His advice was very valuable and right to the point. In addition, I truly appreciate the immediate prompt answering my many inquiries about the process via endless emails. I am really pleased with the service and the outcome. Without any doubts, I would recommend Douglas to all my friends/colleagues who are looking for a lawyer to handle their hardship/persecution waiver. - N.K. (Syria)

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