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Hardship waivers

Douglas Carman has a great deal of experience in handling cases which require the demonstration of "exceptional hardship," such as waivers of the foreign residence requirement, and "extreme hardship," such as waivers of the grounds of inadmissibility. He has managed the preparation of and personally prepared hundreds of successful "hardship" applications over the past several years, and he is frequently consulted for advice on such cases by other attorneys.
Recent 212(e) hardship and persecution waiver success stories:

  • Over the past year, approvals were obtained for people from countries such as Syria, Pakistan, Libya, Lebanon, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Colombia, Egypt, El Salvador, the West Bank and Gaza among others
This is just a representative sample of some of the hardship cases handled by this office that have been approved.

Please click here for a FAQ (frequently asked questions) about the hardship waiver of the J-1 foreign residence requirement

Conrad 30 Waiver

The Conrad 30 Waiver program allows J-1 physicians to apply for a waiver for the 2-year residence requirement if they work in an underserved area for three years. The application process for such a waiver is quite lengthy and complicated, involving the relevant state Department of Health, the U.S. Department of State, and the USCIS. Douglas has handled numerous Conrad 30 applications, helping physicians remain in the United States while they provide much-needed services to underserved populations.

Extraordinary Ability/National Interest Waiver

Douglas also handles immigrant petitions based on extraordinary ability and national interest waivers. These are "self-petitions" in the sense that the applicant does not need a sponsoring employer to be eligible, but must demonstrate that s/he has the requisite experience and skills and/or the applicant's work in the United States confers a substantial benefit to the nation. Douglas has prepared hundreds of successful extraordinary ability and national interest waiver petitions for doctors, scientists, businesspersons and artists.
Recent EB1 and EB2-NIW success stories:

  • MD Fellow in Cardiology with limited publication record, but demonstrated expertise in clinical medicine
  • PhD Electrical engineer with experience in the private sector and appointment to a major research university in the Midwest
  • MD Fellow in Nephrology who was offered a joint appointment as Assistant Professor of Medicine during pendency of the application
  • MD Surgeon with specialized knowledge of advanced surgical technologies
  • Chief Medical Resident in Internal Medicine at a small medical school in the Southeastern United States
  • MD Fellow in Nephrology with four publications in peer-review journals, but no citations of his work yet
  • Clinical Psychologist specializing in schizophrenia treatment and research
  • Third-year resident physician with special interest in cardiology research
  • Internal medicine resident with special interest in cardiac electrophysiology and three articles on the subject
  • Third-year resident in internal medicine with some background doing research on gastroenterology
  • Assistant Professor in Dentristy with focus on Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
  • Nephrologist with specialization in Glomerular Disease with four peer-reviewed publications
  • Cardiology Fellow entering seventh year of fellowship on H1B due to I-140 approval
  • Post-doctoral research scholar conducting studies on a range of areas of medicine, including cardiothoracic surgery
  • Outstanding Professor/Researcher at major state university in the Northeastern region of the United States
This is just a representative sample of some of the EB1 and EB2-NIW cases handled by this office that have been approved.

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  • Visitor visas
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  • Immigration based on family relationship
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